A Brief History

Following is a brief summary of the saturation church planting team ministry in the Czech Republic. The current projekt Zet team traces its history back to the Lausanne Conference on World Evangelization all the way through the Alliance for Saturation Church Planting.

  • 1974 - Lausanne, Switzerland. The Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization grew out of the 1974 International Congress on World Evangelization held in Lausanne, Switzerland.  The gathering was called by a committee headed by Rev. Billy Graham.
  • 1985 - Dawn Ministries was founded by Dr. James Montgomery in 1985. The word "DAWN" is an acronym for "Discipling A Whole Nation." It is a strategy of ministry developed in terms of our Lord's command to "make disciples of all nations."
  • 1989 - Lausanne II took place in Manila in July 1989, with the call to "Proclaim Christ Until He Comes.” An important question was written in the Manila Manifesto endorsed by all participants: "Now the year 2000 has become for many a challenging milestone. Can we commit ourselves to evangelize the world during the last decade of this millennium? There is nothing magical about the date, yet should we not do our best to reach this goal? Christ commands us to take the gospel to all people. The task is urgent. We are determined to obey Him with joy and hope.”
  • 1989 - AD 2000 & Beyond Movement began, the development of our vision of a church for every people and the gospel for every person by the year 2000. At a meeting following the plenary session of Lausanne II in Manila, a significant group of people met together and almost unanimously called for the establishment of a group to carry forward the AD 2000 vision.
  • 1992 - Riga, Latvia. The Alliance for Saturation Church Planting was formed in the wake of an AD 2000-sponsored Congress for over 800 pastors of the former Soviet Union held in Riga, Latvia, May 25-29, 1992. 
  • 1995 - Steering Committee for the Alliance facilitation team in the Czech Republic was formed in Prague, January, 1995.
  • 1995-1997 - The first cycle of church planter training by the Alliance took place in Ostrava.
  • 1997-2000 - A second cycle of Alliance-sponsored church planter training happened in Brno.
  • 2000-2002 - The third cycle of church planter training occurred in Usti nad Labem.
  • 2004 - Brno, Czech Republic. The Czech Alliance facilitation decided to adopt the name projekt Zet for its team.
New & Noteworthy:
  • Brian and Don are on home ministry assignment for one year Pray for us as we travel, sharing what God has done in, through and around us these last four years in the Czech Republic.
  • Discipleship Essentials a workbook for discipleship triads and quartets as been translated and published. Last year it was field tested with groups from the Ichthys congregation in Litoměřice.
  • Transforming Discipleship a companion to Discipleship Essentials is translated, printed and ready for distribution.  This book explains the rationale and approach behind discipleship triads and quartets.

projekt Zet exists to facilitate the transformation of Christian disciples who serve and gather others into healthy  fellowships that reproduce and transform their oikos for the glory of God.

To read more on our purpose and strategy, click here

Discipleship Essentials is a discipleship workbook for use in triads, small groups or one-on-one. The balance of this relational and rational approach to discipleship is a welcome addition to the Czech mentors toolbox.

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