Our Team

projekt Zet functions as a network in the truest sense of the word. Team members come from different churches, denominations and mission agencies in and beyond the Czech Republic. What brings and binds the team together are a common vision and ministry values. While members maintain their organizational loyalty, they also make themselves mutually accountable to strategic objectives that are aimed at facilitating a national church planting movement beginning in the Czech Republic. By clicking the names of the projekt Zet team members in the sidebar, you can get more information about any specific individual.
New & Noteworthy:
  • Brian and Don are on home ministry assignment for one year Pray for us as we travel, sharing what God has done in, through and around us these last four years in the Czech Republic.
  • Discipleship Essentials a workbook for discipleship triads and quartets as been translated and published. Last year it was field tested with groups from the Ichthys congregation in Litoměřice.
  • Transforming Discipleship a companion to Discipleship Essentials is translated, printed and ready for distribution.  This book explains the rationale and approach behind discipleship triads and quartets.

projekt Zet exists to facilitate the transformation of Christian disciples who serve and gather others into healthy  fellowships that reproduce and transform their oikos for the glory of God.

To read more on our purpose and strategy, click here

Discipleship Essentials is a discipleship workbook for use in triads, small groups or one-on-one. The balance of this relational and rational approach to discipleship is a welcome addition to the Czech mentors toolbox.

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